Address Khajuraho,India

The rebirth of our Senses and Sensuality At the tantric temples of Khajuraho 13th to 16th of march 2019 With Ulrich Freitag and Swami Ganga Our body is a temple and the senses are the doorways. Is there a better way to reconnect with our senses and sensuality than in Khajuraho and its sacred temples? These temples are a space of high energy and a unique occasion to renew with our bodies as temple. That is the profound message of Tantra and the rituals which have historically taken place here. Tantra was practised for centuries in Khajuraho. A whole kingdom was profoundly influenced by the teachings of a tantric master. We follow the footsteps of this tradition together with Swami Ganga, who was more than than 45 years spiritual guide in Khajuraho. The practice of meditations from the Vighyan Bairavh Tantra, rituals, group and partner exercises, sacred chants and healing circles will allow you to let go of tensions, to celebrate your body, reconnect with your senses and sensuality as doorways to sacredness. Welcome to a wonderful journey back home. Please note that this workshop is part of a journey Ulrich offers from the 11th to the 28th of march this year which you can join. See his website and ask for a detailed schedule. Ulrich offers also in Dharamsala the ‘The intelligence of the heart and its psychic capacities’ course the 20th -26th of march. You can book this training separately or as part of the journey. See the course discription on his website under workshops. See Info and inscription: Ulrich Freitag Price: 15000rs plus ca 1000rs per day for food and lodging Ulrich is already in India. For further infos and inscription it is possible to call (Indian phoneno), via messenger or Skype. Interview is necessary.