The Himalayan experience - meditative walking and the intelligence of our hearts

The Himalayan experience - meditative walking and the intelligence of our hearts

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~ The Himalayan Experience 2020   ~With Ulrich Freitag

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A three weeks Himalayan journey with meditative walking and the Intelligence of our Hearts Course


This journey brings us to the Himalayan province of Uttarakhand, close the Pindari glacier and the people of the Kathi village.


We will start our journey at the beautiful World Buddhist Meditation Center and a visit of Delhi. From we will drive into the Kumaon Mountains where Lord Shiva reigns. We stay on our way in Raniketh and the wholy city of Bageshwar. In Song - a 3h ride with a jeep from Bageshwar- we embark on a very beautiful, light treck -mainly between 2000 and 2500m- through wonderful Rhododendron- and Pineforests, coming closer and closer to the Himalayan peaks, the Pindari glacier and views on the Nanda Devi, India’s highest mountain.

Please note that you do not need to be an extraordinary hiker for this treck but being able to walk five to six hours a day. We do not need to carry our luggage, since we are supported by our mountain guide Prakash, his team and mountain horses!

We will walk half of the day in silence which simply enhances our presence to ourselves and the exraordinary beauty of the mountains and the nature which sourrounds us. On the way we meet the people of the Kathi village. They do not have yet electricity in their homes but lots of electricity in their hearts! We experience their lives and their spirituality, - religion, shamanism, family, friendship and community matters are all naturally interwoven.

It is a deeply touching experience where we all can learn from. If the dates fit, since they were not yet decided by the priests, while we writing and sending the description of the trek, we are invited to celebrate with the people of the village 'Navrati' one of their Pujas.


Part of the journey is daily silent walking as a form of meditation as well as the Intelligence of the Heart course see under workshops no 6. a,b,c.  This creates the basis to connect deeply with oneself and a truly different experience and way of traveling, sharing together. .. And do not worry there is also time to chit chat over a good meal, chant and celebrate together!

Part of the afternoon and evening we devote to the teachings and experiences coming right from our hearts. (For the full description of this course please see workshop and training under 6.) Please read also the testemonies of the people who did a journey to India and the Heart course with me. 


On our way back we a night stay in the holy city of Bageshwar, which lays at the confluence of the Saryu and Gompti River and two nights in Almora. This is still ‘old India’ with its temples, rituals, incense, cows and small busy bazaar streets. Our journey ends with driving back from there straight to the airport in Delhi.


Welcome to this journey!


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