The intelligence and intuitive powers of our hearts - the training

 The intelligence and intuitive powers of our hearts - the training

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At Budweis, Czech Republic

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Featuring heart coherence, heart meditations, scientific research, intution, communicaton, psychic readings, acupressure and bodymind armoring teachings.

5 days training

06heart wsThe heart gives meaning to our lives, makes us feel connected, balanced and happy. If it is for our health, intimate and social relations, creativity, intuition, conflict resolution, even productivity at work, the heart is the key, ‘the royal path’. That is what the sages of many traditions teach since long time and science proofs today in so many ways.*1 

Yet we are nearly illiterate when it comes our hearts: about 40% of the population dies from heart dis-eases. Our broken hearts, unsatisfying relations, inner restlessness, alienation, depression, even the state of our planet is showing it so clearly.

And yet we all have this wonderful gift of the intelligence of our hearts and intuition inside of us lying dormant. We will awaken it in this workshop bridging the old wisdom of heart meditations with modern western psychology to get in touch' with our hearts and its creative, intuitive and healing potential.*2

We will experience 'heart coherence' and explore different themes in relation with our hearts intelligence: inner connectedness and peace, health and healing, communication and relationship, creativity, mental clarity, effectiveness and specially intuition.

We begin with a heart meditation, which brings us right into the space of inner calm and centeredness. This is our starting point to go into synchronicity with the other. We experience the natural capacity of our hearts to perceive the other. This is also called 'heartreading' or psychic readings from the heart. In a clear and conscious way we learn to 'work' with our intuition on this level and experience that we have all this incredable gift of 'seeing', of deep intelligence inside of us, as a part of our human heritage. This is the central part of this training.

We experience also the heart energies through touching, breathing, sensing, sharing to come finally to a place where is simply the silence of the heart. We will also learn a very specific acupressure technique in combination with deep tissue massage to release deep seated chronic tensions and to balance the energies related to the heart. We will become more aware and work with the ‘bodymind armoring’ in relation with the meridians.

Welcome to a very touching, surprising, healing and heart-full experience.

  *1 For scientific research please see also the website of the Heartmath Institute. See also the website and ground breaking book ‘Love and Survival’ of Dean Ornish; Md. and world known cardiologist as well as the scientific research of Candice Perth M.d. and her book ‘Molecules of emotions’.       *2 Some of these techniques were taught already to thousands of people in health care institutions, leadership seminars, to stressed police force officers, even to high level hokey players to use them in the penalty box!

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Some testimonials of clients and students see more in our website gallery:

'In the psychic heart reading regarding my mother Ulrich touched me with eyes closed exactly where I had pain in the shoulders since several month and this without that I told him about it before. This session really healed me; the pain is gone and I had plenty of insights.' Chandra G., Psychologist

The effects of the heart meditation are amazingly tangible. I heard the instruction “connect with your heart” before, but you were the first person to actually give me simple guidance to really get there and to “host” my own heart. You teach how to catch the fish instead of giving fish to the hungry ones. You gave me a wonderful gift of feeling I can help and support and calm myself (and others) by being in deep contact with my heart and my body. I admire and appreciate the structure, the methodology of the workshop. You go from simple to more complex, from physical to psychological, from more general to personal and intimate. The timing and rhythm of the workshop are perfect. Physical, emotional, spiritual aspects take turns. You listen carefully to everyone and appreciate each and every person in the room. I cannot imagine workshop-time spent in a more effective, pleasant, enriching and heart warming way. Magda Fleková M.A ; Teacher Trainer - Methodology of ESL - Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies, Czech University

In one sentence: that course was very important for me in my life. Thank you….But the most important thing that all modern medical doctors –and all other people- should know are the heart connection ‘techniques’ you gave. This is the first thing that a doctor got to do seeing his patient. The heart connection and meditation is a simple way to get much more depth and power out of every interaction between doctor and patient. Vladimr Zaitsev, M.D. Pediatric surgeon

I strongly encourage everyone to do this training of the intuitive intelligence of the heart. It really is amazing all the benefits with healing it brings and it simply comes from the heart. This is accessible to everyone and above all is the simplicity and purity of it. As a therapist, it will become natural to connect with my heart and the results it will bring. This is wouahhh! Danielle Bombardier, therapist

I am in France now and with the events which took place last night in Paris I can't stop thinking of our weekend seminar and the fact that if more people could learn and could follow meditations with the connection to their heart, maybe the world would be a better place with less wars and killings. I am still amazed by this beautiful and peaceful feeling while being connected to my heart. This strong feeling that we all are part of one entity and that there is no difference between us created a feeling of relieve and of freedom inside of me. Thank you for enabling me to taste that and for introducing me to this meditation as connecting to my heart is definitely the path I want to follow…Monika North Charvátová

Fascinating discovery this ability to work with bodymind therapy and psychic reading through the intuitive intelligence of the heart! I was impressed with their accuracies! I understood the source of some injuries and I realized that we all have this potential synchronicity with each other, the potential to help each other. Marie B., Programmer

The teacher

Ulrich Freitag, certified therapist and teacher, shares the fruits of about 30 years of experience and research in the field of bodymind oriented therapy and bodywork. 10-YogaHe has developed and taught the professional training in Bodymind Therapy (TPCE) for 16 years. The training program in Bodymind Intelligence is the natural evolution of his experiences. Presently Ulrich is also writing a book on Bodymind Intelligence.

As teacher specialized in psychology and pedagogy, Ulrich worked in adult education and taught counseling in Germany. This experience led him to perceive the limits of verbal therapies and prompted him to pursue other forms of professional training, -ones which integrate the reality of the body and its memories. He continued with studies in Bioenergetics (Lowen Institute), Neo-Reichian therapy, Jin Shin Do acupressure, Chinese medicine, Kinesiology and various massage techniques. At the Multiversity in Pune he completed beside others the trainings in esoteric science, psychic reading and massage. His personal and professional training programs represent a truly integrated and holistic approach.

His many travels to India allow him to integrate the aspects of meditation and intuition. Today it is great pleasure for him to guide people on this "Passage to India".


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