Copy of Module 1 : Basic Training in Bodymind Intelligence

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At Bas St Laurent, Métis sur Mer, QC, Canada Métis-sur-Mer, QC, Canada

Module 1: Basic Training in Bodymind Intelligence and Therapy

The courses in Bodymindintelligence are a true empowerment for the participants since it helps them to reconnect with their inner wisdom and healing power.

02basic-campChronic neck- and back pains, psychosomatic problems, pent up emotions and you want to how to let go of them? Learn how BODYMIND - INTELLIGENCE can help you to elevate these problems, to balance your energies and to regain a sense of inner peace and wellbeing.

In this very practical training we will teach some of the most effective techniques we found to relieve chronic tensions, psychosomatic issues, stuck emotions and to rebalance our energy system.

You will learn: Basic techniques of bodymind therapy, such as working with body awareness, body language, expression, breathing, voice, etc., Taoist – and Jin Shin acupressure, Zen shiatsu and meridian massage to release physical and emotional tensions and to balance the bodymind, how to work with the 'psychomuscular armouring' and emotional release.

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