A passage to India and the intelligence of the heart

A  passage to India and the intelligence of the heart

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The intelligence of the heart and the Yoga of touch course

10th February - 28th of February 2018 (11 February from Europe)

It is possible to come just for the course itself from the 15th -20st of February see below

009 [800x600]India is not only a country but also the symbol for spirituality and an opening of the heart. This journey is an invitation to explore more deeply the space of the heart, touch, healing and the joy of meditation.

The journey brings us to Goa, this vibrant place at the sea where 'the world' meets, -a true melting pot of cultures: there is music, meditation, creativity, the shawls sellers, incense and many other interesting things... The hospitality of the native people, the wonderful beaches, the sunset at the ocean and helps us to arrive in India. 

Then we start our 6 days workshop 'The intelligence of our hearts and the Yoga of touch'. The exploration of heart and other meditations allows us to connect with what is already present in us, this refreshing inner space of joy and silence. You will experience the incredible intuitive capacities of our hearts by learning psychic readings from the space of the heart and you will embarque at the same time on a wonderful journey related to touch presence and healing.

While having the opportunity for our daily morning and evening meditations and exercises on the beach - 11 mornings and 8 evenings- you will have during the second part of the journey the time for self-organised 'meditative excursions', like a walk in the jungle, to explore the Triacol river, the local market at Mapusa, discover the famous 'Saturday night market' in Anjuna, a spice farm etc...

And let yourself be immersed in the lively and creative culture of Arambol, enjoy the sea, the present moment!

Part of our journey will be also Nirava Ruiz, Yoga teacher and Massage therapist who will lead 6 Yoga sessions in the morning at the beach. She will also be available for massage therapies during this journey.

This 'Passage to India' helps you also to travel alone or in a small group in India, for example, to end the journey with a visit to the ancient city of Hampi or the vibrant city of Mumbai, formerly Bombay. We suggest participants if they to add at least a week or two to this journey to have the opportunity discover more this amazing country!


Price: 1400 $CA (960) for the first 7 inscriptions or 31 of August, after 1650 $CA (1100 €) +ca 500 $CA (ca 350 ) for food and lodging + flight ticket (between 1000 $CA and 1300 $CA from Canada - between 500 and 575 € from Europe)

There will be a special price for Indians and people who are already in Goa and want to come only for the 6 days workshop. Please inquire. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are not a travel agency, which means that you do the bookings and you pay yourself for the lodging, food and plane ticket, - but for sure we will help you to do the best choices! We have also the contact to a very nice lodge in Arambol.

For the description of the workshop see  http://bodymindintelligence.com/index.php/workshops-and-travel-to-india

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For information and inscription:  Ulrich Freitag at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 001 514-743-4499; also whatsup or skype: Ulrich.freitag2 possible.

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