Travel Participants

Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Ulrich, our guide is very attentive to the needs of the group and each individual. His love for India is contagious and his practical knowledge is very reassuring. He helped us to taste, see and feel India by sharing his, passion for the country.... He has mastered the art of teaching meditation. With the help of clear guidance and inspiring images, he allowed us to experiment many different ways to get into the space of meditation. The program of activities (meditations, workshops, dance etc.) were of rare quality and allows everybody to confront themselves with their own challenges. It is truly a place of healing, expression and celebration that touched me profoundly! It was a wonderful journey to the end of the world and oneself.
Nicole Dallaire, Teacher at the Uni. of Sherbrooke
This travel to India allowed me to be initiated in different meditation techniques, to get in contact with my heart and to develop more consciousness. Particularly I appreciated the guided meditations, the proposed tours, while still having time off during the day. Our host In the place where we stayed in Goa was fantastic, the food was excellent and the sea was exquisite. I maintain a very positive memory of this journey.
Veronique Bibor, Social worker and yoga teacher
This training in bodymind intelligence with Ulrich in India has changed my life. I had health problems which gradually deteriorated since 5 years, leaving me with the diagnosis of ulcerative colitis in the last year. During the trip to India and during the training, several sessions have allowed me to release deep inner pain and left me lighter. Ulrich thank you for your professionalism and your reassuring presence during these sessions. Your concern for what the recipient lives and the person giving has meant that I had confidence to allow me to externalize what should be. During this trip my bleeding stopped, and I'm in remission. I'm back since five months and the bleedings are still absent.
Marie B., Programmer (May 2013)
One says sometimes that dreams are more beautiful than the reality, but, concerning my travel to India the reality went beyond the most beautiful of my dreams. One has to say that for the first two weeks we had the privilege to be guided by Ulrich, an experienced and solid guide. The presence of the guide helped me to discover in security the customs of the native people and to learn about the daily life of the Indians. I particularly appreciated the depth of our daily group meditations as well as the activities which were chosen by our guide.

The organisation and the guidance during these two weeks allowed me to develop enough autonomy to feel at ease to extend my journey for three other weeks and to taste the pleasures of being in India.
Odette Magnan, Nurse and teacher