Prof. Training Participants

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Being a teacher for over 40 years, I am able to recognize the great qualities of pedagogy and the professionalism of Ulrich. He has the gift of transmitting his passion through his dynamic teachings. He has a lot of knowledge that he shares with us for our greatest joy. Practical exercises, meditations, and even dancing enhance the theoretical part. I have acquired new tools that are a complement to my energy treatments. My clients have noticed and appreciate it. All my gratitude Ulrich.

Individual Treatment
My meeting with Ulrich is a real blessing in my life. I was suffering from chronic back pain following an accident. After the first session with Ulrich, the pain subsided by at least 80%.
I also had a real driving phobia since I was young. I had tried all kinds of therapies: even Hypnosis and Psychoanalysis ... for over 30 years without getting any conclusive results. After only two sessions, the results are incredible. I notice a significant improvement of at least 70%. I am confident that with the help of Ulrich, I will succeed in definitively solving this problem which limits me enormously. I am filled with gratitude

Psychic Reading from the heart
As a result of physical treatments in Bodymindintelligence with Ulrich, I wanted to explore on the side of my soul, which we did on the phone. Despite the fact THAT he HAD NO PHYSICAL CONTACT, Ulrich managed to reach my soul quickly and detected the great injuries I had since my childhood. He suggested exercises and gave judicious advice that I put into practice. I have experienced magnificent releases and feel lightened by burdens that no longer have their place on my shoulders.

Danielle Gauthier, Teacher, Author, Reiki Master, Lecturer, Director of the Spiritual Center "At the Dawn of New Consciousness" in Lachute.
Daniele Gauthier
Testimony about the HEART training:

Dear Ulrich,

Hope this email finds you well. I am finally sending you my comments on your seminar Healing power of our hearts...

I am in France now and with the events which took place last night in Paris I can't stop thinking of our weekend seminar and the fact that if more people could learn and could follow meditations with the connection to their heart, maybe the world would be a better place with less wars and killings.

I am still amazed by this beautiful and peaceful feeling while being connected to my heart. This strong feeling that we all are part of one entity and that there is no difference between us created a feeling of relieve and of freedom inside of me.
Thank you for enabling me to taste that and for introducing me to this meditation as connecting to my heart is definitely the path I want to follow…
North Charvátová
Testimonies about the HEART training:

Dear Ulrich,

Here I am, 4 days down the road (after the Heart training), still feeling the magic. I mean, I can still feel the peace and calmness that took over in my life thanks to you and your workshop.
You gave me a chance not only to understand, but to directly experience the effect of the Bodymind Intelligence.

I love the fact I can immediately start using everything you talked about and taught us. Every day is nicer, brighter, more relaxed and joyful for me. I feel I can connect to my heart and to drink from the bottomless well of its wisdom and love.
Everything you said makes perfect sense to me. It really is hard to feel good, relaxed and happy in a tense body! You gave me a simple guide for every day tension-release-moments.

The effects of that and of the heart meditation are amazingly tangible. I heard the instruction “connect with your heart” before, but you were the first person to actually give me simple guidance to really get there and to “host” my own heart.
You say “It is the intelligence of the heart leading you now. We all have that...”

You teach how to catch the fish instead of giving fish to the hungry ones. You gave me a wonderful gift of feeling I can help and support and heal and calm myself (and others) by being in deep contact with my heart and my body.

I admire and appreciate the structure, the methodology, of the workshop. You go from simple to more complex, from physical to psychological, from more general to personal and intimate... You give just the right amount of information and plenty of room for practice and direct experience. You make sure the sharing is effective and not tiresome. You talk to the point and share stories just enough to illustrate your point but not to take up too much time. The timing and rhythm of the workshop are perfect. Physical, emotional, spiritual aspects take turns and dance together in a beautiful harmony.
You listen carefully to everyone and appreciate each and every person in the room. You get moved and touched but still make sure everything runs smoothly.
I cannot imagine workshop-time spent in a more effective, pleasant, enriching and heart warming way.

I could go on like this for quite a while, Ulrich. I mean every word I wrote and I need to go to bed now.

I am profoundly grateful for meeting you and having a chance to learn from you.

Magda Fleková, M.A.
Teacher Trainer - Methodology of ESL - Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies, Czech University,, Prague

I strongly encourage everyone to do this training of the intuitive intelligence of the heart. It really is amazing all the benefits with healing it brings and it simply comes from the heart. This is accessible to everyone and above all is the simplicity and purity of it.
As a therapist, it will become natural to connect with my heart and the results it will bring. This is wouahhh! Danielle Bombardier; therapist
This training was an opportunity to grow. In Such a short period of time So Many answers the for each one of us - an emotional workout. Just looking how Ulrich was working, Just That, was a growing, integral experience. It was so beautiful to see him synchronizing, timing with the other person.
M. A., Psychologist
Training has changed my way of being and working. Everything is done with more creativity, simplicity and love. My clients also benefit: they develop a better understanding of their bodies and their tensions, they relax more deeply and become more aware of their "inner world". For my part, I work less hard to get to release more tension.
M.P. Comtois, Massage therapist
I felt that I lived in my head my whole life, detached from my body. The training taught me to reconnect with my body, to feel my emotions, to observe and to manage them better. Learning to truly love and accept my body as part of me, I returned to complete.
C. Maranta, Owner of a business
As a massage therapist the training in Bodymind Intelligence, Ulrich gives me a real advantage in my treatments. I feel much better equipped and I can meet the expectations of customers more quickly and easily. In addition, the learned tools which are great for myself, I gain more confidence and I feel much more knowledgeable and I see real positive change with my clients and my life.
Yohan Allard, Massage therapist
...I 've never seen results as surprising, efficient and instantaneous. People come with localized pain, with, in some cases, consulted with many other specialists. They leave after an initial one-hour session without any pain relief still 70% to 90%!
N. Ador , Massage therapist
Effects of training : I tasted the pleasure of meditating, healing, dancing, communing with nature, various forms of expression. It is this openness to experience the "living" that I now propose to my social work students. But most of all, learning an infinitely respectful intimate contact with suffering touched deep within me the sacredness of human life.

Effects of the psychophysical work: I did individual work with Ulrich. I do not know a therapist who can go as deep to encounter the suffering with so much compassion and inner strength. I lived a renaissance. My rib cage, stiff as concrete has regained its flexibility and I the pleasure of breathing.
N. Dallaire, Professor at the Uni.of Sherbrooke
In all the professional trainings that I took, it's with Ulrich Freitag's body-mind oriented training that I went in at the deepest level to liberate my repressed emotions.
N.K., Psychotherapist
This training in bodymind intelligence with Ulrich in India has changed my life. I had health problems which gradually deteriorated since 5 years, leaving me with the diagnosis of ulcerative colitis in the last year. During the trip to India and during the training, several sessions have allowed me to release deep inner pain and left me lighter. Ulrich thank you for your professionalism and your reassuring presence during these sessions. Your concern for what the recipient lives and the person giving has meant that I had confidence to allow me to externalize what should be.
During this trip my bleeding stopped, and I'm in remission. I'm back since five months and the bleedings are still absent.
Marie B. Programmer
The training in Body-Mind Oriented Psychotherapy has allowed me to erradicate physical, energetic and emotional tension, and has brought much awareness on how and why those tensions are generated, and how I can prevent them. I can use the experience and knowledge that I gained in this training for myself, but also for my family, my students, my friends and my colleagues.
M.M., Teacher