About Ulrich Freitag

Ulrich Freitag, certified therapist and teacher, director of the Tao Center, shares the fruits of more than 35 years of experience and research in the field of bodymind oriented therapy and bodywork. 10-YogaHe has developed and taught the professional training in Bodymind Therapy (TPCE) and Bodymindintelligence for more than 20 years. The training program in Bodymind Intelligence is the natural evolution of his experiences. Presently Ulrich is also writing a book on Bodymind Intelligence.

As teacher specialized in psychology and paedagogy, Ulrich worked in adult education and taught counseling in Germany. This experience led him to perceive the limits of verbal therapies and prompted him to pursue other forms of professional training, -ones which integrate the reality of the body and its memories. He continued with studies in Bioenergetics (Lowen Institute), Neo-Reichian therapy, Jin Shin Do acupressure, Chinese medicine, Kinesiology and various massage techniques. At the Multiversity in Pune he completed beside others the trainings in esoteric science, psychic reading and massage. His personal and professional training programs represent a truly integrated and holistic approach.

His many travels to India allow him to integrate the aspects of meditation and intuition. Today it is great pleasure for him to guide people on this "Passage to India".

Québèc, Germany and India

Individual consultations:

Bodymind Intelligence and therapy (also via Zoom and  Skype)

Heartcoherence Coaching and teaching; also psychic readings from the heart (also via Zoom and Skype)

To resolve health and life issues, where the mind and 'informations' do not give sufficient answers and solutions. We will tap into and the intuitive intelligence and healing powers of our hearts.

Also telephone Consultations

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Group consulations and teachings:

We are also available for web conferences and trainings for organisations, institutions and businesses regarding heartcoherence and bodymind intelligence. See our professional program and the heart intelligence trainings